Written Statements

buy park home solicitorWhere a mobile home park is protected – i.e. used for residential rather than holiday purposes –  a written statement is normally given by the park owner to the owners of all of the homes on the park.

This statement is the basis of the agreement between the owners of the homes and the owner of the park, setting out the various rights and obligations.  There is a statutory requirement for a park owner to provide a written statement and if this not done, only the protections contained within the law will apply.  It is therefore important for this document to be drawn up.

Written Statements contain what are known as ‘Implied Terms’ and ‘Express Terms’.  Implied terms are set by law and refer to such things as your right to sell your home, how the agreement can be ended and when pitch fees can be reviewed.  These terms cannot be changed by the park owner.  Express Terms are those specific to your park , which are set out by the park owner.

Various standard examples of written statements are often used and we can provide advice on statement to ensure that it complies with the law.