Site Rules

solicitors for park homes site rulesThe ability for park owners to set rules has changed since the implementation of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 and there is a set procedure to follow, which starts with the issue of a proposal notice.

Rules can now only be imposed for a restricted number of reasons :
  1. to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained on the site, which will be of general benefit to occupiers; or
  2. to promote and maintain community cohesion on the site.

Some rules that seek to impose restrictions, such as in relation to a sale, are of no effect.  You can read the list of the types of rule that do not apply by clicking here to read what is known as ‘Schedule 5’ of the Regulations.

If you have been given a proposal notice and would like assistance in responding, please contact us.  We are one of a very small number of firms who have experience of challenges against site rules in the First Tier Property Tribunal.