Selling a Park Home

sell mobile home solicitorIf you are thinking of selling your Park Home, then we are able to assist with the process.

Since the implementation of the Mobile Homes Act 2013, the requirements placed on a person selling a home are fairly significant and there is a specific process that must be followed.  The Government recommends that you should engage the services of a solicitor or other professional to ensure that the correct steps are taken.

Initially, it is helpful to put together a file of all of the solicitors to help sell your mobile homepaperwork that you have that relates to the home.  Ideally, this should start on the day that you move in but we recognise that some documents that are important now were probably less so a few years ago.

We can help by compiling a sale pack for you and then taking your through the process of completing the necessary forms and sending them to the right people.  We can offer a fixed fee, so that you know precisely what to expect in terms of our professional fees.

The main packages we offer are :

bronze mobile home purchase packageBasic
We will review the documents that you have prepared to ensure that everything is in order and explain the process to you, answering any general questions that you may have.  You would arrange to serve the forms on the purchaser and lease with them.  The cost of this service is £495, plus VAT.
silver mobile home purchase packageStandard
If you want someone to manage the entire process of the sale, then we will prepare the various forms that are needed, guide you on what information that you will need to provide  and liaise with the purchaser to try and ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible.  This is our most popular service and the cost is £595, plus VAT.

If you want us to deal with the funds transfer, then there is a small charge to cover banking fees.  To save on delays with the funds transfer it is generally better to have the buyer pay you directly.

The fees do not include any negotiation, which we assume that you have already completed.  If you do need us to negotiate then this is charged on our hourly rate.

We can of course charge for all of the work on our hourly rate, which is £200+VAT.  This means that you just pay for the time that we spend on the work – which can be more or less than our fixed fee.

Much of the process is paper-based, but we use an on-line portal so that you can securely upload documents to us and check on the state of progress if you prefer.