Residents Associations

solicitor for park homes residents associationsSome Residents Associations now have the option of becoming “Qualifying Residents Associations”, thus requiring site owners to consult with them on issues relating to management and improvements that may directly affect the residents. For example, a new roadway may be planned or a new layout proposed.

In order to form a Qualifying Residents Association, the group will need to show that they :

  • represent the owner-occupiers of mobile homes and be open to any one of them to join (with some exceptions)
  • have at least 50% of the owner-occupiers as members
  • are independent from the park owner who, together with any agent or employee, is excluded from membership
  • maintain a list of members, open to public inspection, together with rules and constitution of the Residents Association
  • have a chairman, secretary and treasurer elected by and from its members
  • with the exception of administrative decisions taken by the chairman, secretary and treasurer, decisions are taken by voting, one vote per mobile home.


If you would like assistance or advice on Residents Associations, please contact us or download the government fact sheet by clicking on the image.