What is a Park Home

Most Park Homes are classed a mobile structures and as such there are some fundamental differences to a permanent property.

Park Home purchase solicitorAlthough there are some exceptions, Park Homes are normally sited on a plot that is owned by a different person and a ground rent called a ‘pitch fee’ has to be paid to the owner of the park.  The home itself actually falls under the legal definition of a caravan, although many are a world apart from the typical touring caravan.  As such, it must be capable of being moved.

Some homes are only available for occupation during part of the year and are not intended as a permanent home.  This is frequently because the local authority to not wish to see the land developed into a housing estate or because there are issues such as flooding.  It is important to check the status of any home that you might be intending to purchase.

If you are buying a Park Home for the first time, you need to be aware that the value of the home will most likely diminish as it gets older.  You will also find that up to 10% of the sale price will need to be paid to the site owner as a ‘commission’.

The Government produces a helpful series of guides which may be of interest.  A ‘Know Your Rights’ leaflet can be downloaded here.