Owning a Park Home

solicitors for caravan site park homes compliance noticeWith residential park homes, the normal arrangement is that you own the home itself but not the land that it stands upon.

This has a number of important implications and particularly that if you want to do anything on the plot that you home is on, you will usually need permission of the site owner.  This includes extensions to the home, adding a shed or creating a new flower bed.  You may also need to obtain planning permission from the local authority.

There will be an annual fee to pay to the site owner, called the ‘pitch fee’.  This is reviewed on an occasional basis.

Various rules will affect how you use your home and these can be found in the Written Statement that you should have been given by the site owner, the Site Rules and the terms of the Caravan Site Licence that has been granted by the local authority.  Failing to abide by these rules can ultimately mean that you are required to move your home off the plot.

Because park homes are built to be mobile, this means that they do not have as long a life as most bricks and mortar properties   When buying, you should therefore recognise that the value of the home will reduce over time.