Buying a holiday home

Unlike residential park homes, there is very little control over the buying or selling process with a holiday park home and agreements with site owners can vary enormously.  You do not need a solicitor to assist with the processes, but our experience shows that having a lawyer at least look over the paperwork can be a valuable investment.  holiday caravan 196x114

Our fees for assisting with a purchase start at £395+VAT to review the purchase documents, through to around £675+VAT if you need us to conduct some background research and deal with the transaction.

As part of our research, we can review the agreement with the site owner, check that the site is licensed and advise you on what restrictions (if any) exist and what obligations you will have.  We can also liaise with the seller to make sure that you know what you are buying – for example, whether the price  includes anything other than the home itself, such as garden furniture or kitchen appliances.

With residential homes, there is normally a commission to pay to the site owner and this can vary from a few hundred pounds through to the highest we have seen which is 25% of the value of the home.  It is therefore important that you check what the arrangements are before you buy.  We strongly recommend that you do not commit to a purchase until you are absolutely certain of what you are buying.