Exemptions from licensing

solicitors for mobile homes park homes and campingNot all caravan and camping sites are required to have a licence and planning permission from the local Council. Some sites are exempted because they are ‘certified sites’ who hold exemption certificates. These are issued by Natural England, on behalf of DEFRA.

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For a caravan site to be exempted, it must be a member of an organisation that has been granted an exemption certificate. In deciding wheter a certificate will be issued, the Secretary of State considers whether;

  • the organisation is properly formed, and has a constitution;
  • the objectives of the organisation include the encouragement or promotion of recreational activities;
  • the organisation is applying for the certificate for its own use;
  • adequate arrangements are in place for the organisation and supervision of activities, including a responsible person holding the certificate;
  • organisations will use a formal code of conduct for meetings held under the certificate


Organisations with Exemption Certificates include :

The Camping and Caravanning Club
The Motor Caravanner’s Club
The Scout Association

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