We have a significant amount of experience in dealing with caravan site licensing and our Principal successfully conducted the first appeal against a Compliance Notice following the introduction of the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

With many local authorities now focussing on what used to be something of a Cinderella topic, it is as well to be ready to deal with the enforcement programmes that are being implemented.  In some areas, local authorities are conducting surveys of all sites within their area and then taking enforcement action.  Some authorities are reconsidering the licence conditions for sites in their area and looking to impose new conditions.  We are able to assist in challenging the decision if the conditions imposed are unduly burdensome or the correct procedure is not followed.

Appeals against licence conditions are heard in either the magistrates courts or the First Tier Tribunal, depending on the part of the UK that you are in.  We are one of a handful of law firms that have experience of fighting appeals regarding mobile homes in both venues.

If you need to transfer a licence or apply for a new one, we can help there as well.  Sometimes an application for a licence involves a strategic decision as to how the application should be framed and we will advise you on the best way forward for your particular site.