Holiday Homes

holiday caravan 196x114Unlike residential parks, holiday homes do not have the protection provided by the Mobile Homes Act and instead the ‘rules and regulations’ are to be found in the agreement that is signed with the site owner.  This agreement will typically deal with issues such as the period of the year that you can occupy the home and how much commission has to be paid to the owner at the time of sale.  Normally you will not be permitted to live on the park throughout the year, but if you do then you could find that you may have to pay Council tax in addition to the proportion of the business rate that will be charged by the park owner.

We recommend that before agreeing to purchase a holiday home, you contact us to discuss some of the implications and to review the agreement that you are being asked to sign.  This forms a legally-binding contract, so it is important to ensure that you are happy with it before you commit yourself.  We strongly recommend that you do not agree to a purchase without seeing some form of detailed agreement.

To assist you, we can offer you a fixed-price telephone consultation with one of our specialist park home lawyers, or you are welcome to make an appointment and visit us.  We have over 25 years of experience in dealing with park homes and are recognised as specialists in this niche area of work.